coffee table and recliner chair are good matching pieces of furniture

Ready Set Decorate; (3 COFFEE TABLES and Recliner Chairs, 6 GREAT LOOKS)

It’s amazing how a few simple styling tricks can transform a coffee table and best recliners from cluttered to cool. Here’s how


These are the items that are often found cluttering a coffee table. But as it’s a key piece of furniture, think about styling it as you would any other surface in your home. Choose display pieces that work with your theme but also strike a balance between form and function, then think carefully about their arrangement. Read on for inspiration.

coffee table and recliner chair are good matching pieces of furniture
coffee table and recliner chair are good matching pieces of furniture


Create vignettes by clustering a mix of decorative items in an all-white theme. The different shapes and sizes of the pieces add interest, while keeping to the same colour unifies the look. A tray, with a black-and-white design that echoes the cushion behind, is a simple and effective way to keep the display contained. Neatly stacked mags and books underneath keep the surface clutter-free; they look smart, too.


Same coffee table, completely different look. The plain white surface is the perfect background to display an eclectic mix of accessories in bright and bold colours. Different materials – wooden ornaments and glass vessels – add texture and interest. Instead of using a tray, travel trinkets are displayed as “exhibits” in a glass dome a quirky way to showcase favourite finds. Jewellery can be used to dress your table, too here, colourful beads are draped decoratively over a wooden spice rack, which also comes in useful as a spot to stash any small bits and bobs. On the storage shelf below, a set of baskets is an attractive way to hide remote controls, pens, nailpolish and any other messy-looking objects that always end up on the table. Books and coffee tables are a natural pairing, but if the spine of a favourite tome doesn’t coordinate with your theme then just turn it around to show the opening side. Colourful tribal-style cushions and rug tie the look together.


This space screams girly sophistication. Pops of bright pink and red – through the nailpolish, tray and candle votive – echo the colours of the rug and cushions. Even the roses are colour-coordinated with the scheme. Magazines make great coffee table reading material, but they have another use, too – stacking at different heights creates “shelves” that are perfect for displaying well-chosen ornaments. The grafitti bust makes a strong style statement it’s classic but with a cool, contemporary twist. Consider shape and material, too: the round glass vase echoes the table, and helps balance the straight lines in the space.


For a cutting-edge contemporary look, a monochromatic palette works brilliantly. The glass tabletop lets the solid stripes of the rug dominate the scene, so we kept the styling simple. A collection of playful pieces in a strictly black and white palette, such as the boot ornaments and resin vessels, add quirky character. Photos make great display pieces clear acrylic frames with pics on both sides means they can be positioned anywhere. Mix up textures to keep the look interesting: porcelain, glass, mirrored finishes, and resin with a hint of metallic come together to create a cool modern look.

Many people give best recliner reviews and best coffee table reviews for white and simple styles
Many people give best recliner reviews and best coffee table reviews for white and simple styles


A natural wood table can be dressed to suit any scheme. For an earthy vibe, we kept to a neutral palette with hits of warm yellows and greens. The table has a readymade vignette station in the sunken corner section – perfect for a cluster of vases. Our large rattan tray, which echoes the texture of the rug, helps contain the clutter on the table, while the Pantone tins are are cute way to store ugly items – remote controls! out of sight. Don’t forget the space under the table. We’ve showcased an interesting piece and snuck in another cool storage box. The enclosed metal base means they won’t go wandering across the floor.


For a contemporary coastal feel we opted for a white backdrop in the sofa choice with blue and green accents to echo the colours of the ocean. The natural tone of the coffee table resembles sand, and the table showcases a selection of interesting beachcomber finds. Don’t be tempted to overclutter a surface full of shells is not a good look! Clear acrylic boxes are unobtrusive so are a great way to display your seasideinspired pieces. Stack at different heights to add interest. The wooden bird ornaments are a cute touch. Don’t forget a few small bowls to hold smaller items. The cushions and rug should tie in with the theme – blue and white stripes are suitably beachy.


Watch this video for recommendations to select contemporary modern coffee table and recliners

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