Guide to Propane Smokers – Their Advantages And Disadvantages

No one can say no to a dish of smoked meat such as smoked chicken and smoke fish. These smoked dishes are so easy to prepare. In fact it might take a long time to have a smoked meat dish but only takes a short time to prepare the meat before cooking.

If you want to cook a more variety of food, then you should considering buying one of the top rated propane smokers which could help you to smoke meat efficiently and deliciously.
There are 2 main types of smokers which are available on the market including vertical propane smoker and electric cabinet smoker. If you prefer a simple, cheaper option then a vertical propane smoker is your better choice.
A certain type of vertical propane smoker has its own pros and cons. Before you decide to go for what type of smoker you want to buy- propane smoker or electric smoker, you need to understand more about these pros and cons.

So what are the advantages of having a vertical propane smoker?

  • As I mention just above, if you don’t want to spend much money on an electric smoker then a vertical propane smoker is your best choice. The price range of vertical propane smoker is from $200 to $500.
With 200 dollars, you already have a good vertical propane smoker. If you are willing to pay more, you will be able to have one smoker with a more durability and space to cook for more meat.
  • Secondly, a vertical propane smoker is very compact. It could fit your tiny backyard without you having to sacrifice much space.
  • Furthermore, thanks to its compact size and light weight, as well as the fact that a vertical propane smoker use propane, you can bring it anywhere. It is so portable that you can bring it to your campsites or your picnic site.
Just remember that the propane canister’s size ranges from so small as 12, 14 ounces to a full size of 20 pounds so make sure if you want to bring it along, go for a smaller size of the canister.
  • It is a better choice than a wood smoker because you don’t have to spend much effort and energy to set up the right temperature as well as maintaining it.
In general, a typical vertical propane smoke is small, compact and portable. It is also very cheap. However, like anything else, it does come with certain disadvantages.

Here are some disadvantages of a vertical propane smoker:

  • Basically, some of the vertical propane smoker cannot maintain the consistent and ideal temperature especially in the winter.
The problem might get worse if you use a vertical propane smoker with a thin-gauge metals coat. With that thin coat and no insulation, the smoke can leak out easily and make the machine lose the heat.
Furthermore, with the smoke leaking out, you will smell it all over your house.
One way to fix this problem is trying to seal the gaps if there is any and covering the smoker with a blanket. If you do so, the smoke cannot get out and the smoker can maintain the heat better.
Also you need to check out the smoker frequently when it is smoking something. If you see the temperature goes below what you prefer, turn it up immediately.
  • Another drawback of a vertical propane smoker used to be its advantage. As I mention before, a vertical propane smoker is compact and small. However, if the smoker is small then the rack is small too. With a small rack, you cannot put into a large ribs or brisket.
In this case, you need to cut the meat into smaller pieces. Don’t worry if you have to do so. By cutting the meat into smaller pieces, you will reduce the smoking time. Furthermore, with smaller pieces, the areas that come in contact with the smoker is now bigger, hence, making the meats have a stronger and more delicious taste.
  • The last disadvantage that a typical vertical propane smoker may have is that it may run out of propane. Image how troublesome it is when you are in the process of smoking something and your vertical propane machine runs out of propane. If you don’t have a spare tank at home, you need to go out and get one, which is very time consuming.
In all case, you should check the propane level before each smoking time. Prepare a backup canister of propane so that you can replace immediately.
There are some general things that you need to know about a vertical propene smoker. In general, a vertical propane smoker is cheap, compact and uses less energy than the old traditional charcoal grill.
However, it also has a lot of disadvantage that it cannot contain the heat well and you have to cut the meat into smaller pieces for them to fit. Furthermore, you also need to change the propane canister regularly.
With you are considering buying one of the smoker then a vertical propane smoker is one of the best choices you could consider. With this machine, you sure will have a lot of delicious dishes with less time to prepare and cook. You will also have a lot of time in the future to create and engage your creativity.
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